About Us

Lemit, our patented legacy migration technology enables organizations to modernize their older it applications in a risk-proof, cost-effective manner.

Company Overview

Bangalore Softsell Limited is a Bangalore-based publicly listed company. We grew from a consulting business and evolved into a product-based solutions company. Our intellectual property is primarily in offering solutions and services from our Legacy IT application migration and Data migration solutions. We are managed by a board of directors with a combined experience of over 100 years of managing companies in India.

Our Differentiation

Bangalore has built its brand for support in Information technology. Our products and solutions are conceived and built at our Bangalore office. Nasscom, the Indian association of SW companies, has awarded Softsell as a show case company for the IT innovation in India for the year 2005.

  • Our tools are built on US patented technologies.

  • We are in the SME sector and strategic planning for major projects get top management attention.

  • We offer end-to-end solutions starting from IT Landscape Study, Planning and all project execution phases till Warranty Support.

  • Our automation tools save time and cost of projects by reducing manual work, increasing predictability and retaining business functionality.

  • We have supported multiple engagement models with Indian software houses in complex projects and have a rich experience in meeting global customer expectations.

  • Our modernization solutions guarantee zero-loss of functionality, with the legacy applications and data fitted into a modern architecture of the customer’s choice for their future business needs.

Our Alliances

We offer backend support to global channel partners and support their operations. Our service aids our alliance partners to work on their projects, products and its allied services while we support our partners fully on IT application modernization and data migration projects.

We are innovators. We build automation tools. We support them with people & processes.

On-premise systems have been the backbone of businesses for decades. But technology & more importantly, the pace of change in technology has affected the way businesses run. We thrive on building bridges from older technologies to new ones. We use a judicious mix of forward & reverse engineering techniques to manage modernization; we make them predictable and risk-averse.