IT Enabled Services

Softsell BPO, the business process outsourcing division of Bangalore Softsell Ltd., helps customer gain competitive advantage in their business by agile proven methodologies coupled with innovative methods. Softsell BPO model is so chosen to offer you a very competitive cost and multiple locations based secure centers to minimize the risk of disruption at any given location.

A Software solution that is customized to track jobs, resources, productivity and quality for your business processes ensure that you gain a very effective delivery with optimized service locations. Good training, process hand book, supported with audit and quality guidelines aids our rural centers to achieve the best of support and effective service levels. This balancing of work and living standards gives you a committed team with high degree of trained skills to adapt to your emerging needs.

Owning such skilled team trained to your business processes aids in further innovation and a high degree of problem solving and leads to improvement of service levels. Peak loads can be shared across multiple centers and all centers are managed with dash board controls for seamless management support.

We leverage our technical expertise in various domains and technology to fine tune the functional needs with right software tools. This helps the BPO team members to achieve and maintain service levels with operational excellence.

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