Solutions: What we support?

If your organization is using a software application that

  • Is running on an older (or un-supported) operating system like
    • Mainframe eg. IBM S390, UNISYS, Data General, DEC VAX/ VMS/ Alpha/ TANDEM, etc.
    • Mid-range eg. IBM AS/400, HP/3000, etc. Or
  • Is written in an older (or un-supported) language like
    • COBOL,
    • PL/1,
    • MVS Assembler,
    • CA Gener/OL,
    • IBM RPG,
    • Sysdeco Systemator,
    • BASIC,
    • Delphi,
    • PowerBuilder,
    • Progress,
    • FoxPro,
    • FORTRAN,
    • Visual Basic (all versions),
    • Java, etc. Or
  • Has an older (or un-supported) database system like
    • Hierarchical (eg. IBM IMS)
    • Network (eg. CA IDMS)
    • Multi-value (eg. TigerLogic (formerly RainingData) D/3) etc. Or
  • Is hard to support due to a shortage of programmers with the required technical skills or application knowledge or
  • Is rigid & unwieldy to support new business changes requested by users or
  • Is unable (or complicated) to integrate with add-on tools and solutions in use in your organization

Then we can help. If you are looking to modernize your legacy applications, we provide expert solutions by knowledge mining your applications & modernizing your legacy applications in a well-proven process-driven, automation-supported, low-risk approach.

We are constantly reviewing market trends and endeavoring to update our toolsets. If you have an application written in a language not listed here which you wish to migrate, please write to us on the Contact Us page and one of our representatives will contact you shortly. We would like to understand your requirements and analyze the feasibility of offering a solution suited to your migration requirements.

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