What We Do

Lemit, our patented legacy migration technology enables organizations to modernize their older it applications in a risk-proof, cost-effective manner.

What We Do ?

LeMiT offers multiple solutions and services starting from

  1. IT Application Assessment Services : Applications Portfolio Assessment, Application Documentation.
  2. Data Management Services : Data Quality Assessment & Profiling, Data Quality Management & Cleansing, Data Migration.
  3. Application Modernization Services : Evolving Relational data models, Creation of Smart user interfaces for the internet, Adoption of custom defined architecture.

Applications Portfolio Assessment

As applications age, programs from years ago continue to reside on servers, sometimes with minimal house-keeping done on these production servers. Some of our customers first engage with us to rationalize their inventory, allowing them to budget for application enhancement/ modernization projects correctly.

Applications Documentation

With aging applications, the first challenge arises from lack of updated documentation. Maintenance teams have to build this knowledge by learning on their own. We have customers signing us on for this service when maintenance teams are unable to cope with the service levels expected by management.

Application Modernization

This modernization project embraces customer’s choice of tools, best in class methods, IT application architectures and well defined acceptance processes. This gives customers the freedom to choose their own system architectures, database stores and front-end technologies to suit their business needs.

Data Management Services

Our well proven data migration solutions help customers to integrate multiple sources of data to comply with their data governance demands. Built in profiling and business based profiling processes assures data of high quality as needed by the business. Our Data migration solutions offer generation of data models and data extraction based on the ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) technology. We offer extensive coverage of database technologies, including relational/ hierarchical/ network & multi-value databases running on mainframes/ mid-range / UNIX & Windows servers.

We are innovators. We build automation tools. We support them with people & processes.

On-premise systems have been the backbone of businesses for decades. But technology & more importantly, the pace of change in technology has affected the way businesses run. We thrive on building bridges from older technologies to new ones. We use a judicious mix of forward & reverse engineering techniques to manage modernization; we make them predictable and risk-averse.