Why Use Our Tools

We address the entire gamut of application modernization, managing database migrations, front-end/ screen conversions and application/ code/ architecture modernizations. Yet we do not attempt this in a tightly configured, risk-prone manner.

Why Use Our Tools ?

Some of the benefits of utilizing our services are outlined below.

Benefits How
Cost savings
  • Automated approach.
  • Consistency in migrated codes.
  • Process-driven approach for manual updates.
Reduced timelines
  • Automated approach.
  • Correct conversion and traceability of all legacy lines of code to migrated system.
Predictable, risk-averse approach
  • Single-point information system for all legacy codes.
  • Sign-offs enforced at each phase to reduce coupling.
Compliance to desired architecture
  • Translation strategy configured to desired end-state architecture.
  • Tool configuration to desired coding practices & guidelines.
  • Tool output verification for sample.
Adoption of customer defined front end look and feel
  • GUI conversion configured to customer defined front end look and feel.
Zero loss of functionality of legacy application
  • Functional acceptance at the end of each migration unit ensures migrated application mirrors the legacy application functionality.
Generation of technical documentation
  • Tool-based technical documentation generated consistently for all programs.

We are innovators. We build automation tools. We support them with people & processes.

On-premise systems have been the backbone of businesses for decades. But technology & more importantly, the pace of change in technology has affected the way businesses run. We thrive on building bridges from older technologies to new ones. We use a judicious mix of forward & reverse engineering techniques to manage modernization; we make them predictable and risk-averse.