With over 15 years of experience in migrating applications from legacy platforms to modern technologies, Bangalore Softsell offers a unique, risk-averse migration methodology, supported by automation tools to convert to open, internet-based systems. We offer solutions to leverage your investments of current applications into more modern systems.

Our product contains a knowledge mining utility, to parse, digitize and mine the knowledge stored in legacy programs from source codes. This information is used by other modules to
A) Convert from legacy file structures to relational database systems.
B) Convert from green screens to graphical user interfaces.
C) Migrate flow driven legacy languages to open technologies like Java/ J2EE or .NET.

This product suite is called LeMiT(Legacy Migration Technology) which is a judicious mix of automation and our custom-built migration processes called KINETIC. We have the technology, process and expertise for this re-engineering and we meet customer specifications in terms of time, quality and cost.

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